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Career Spotlight

May 23, 2022

Girls on the Go! Elise Kloter and Jane Howard titled their business appropriately, not just because they cater to women who want to travel, but also because they are themselves constantly moving forward!

From tobacco fields and helping kids be creative to helping women experience exotic foreign travel, their journeys in their careers are as fascinating as the places they and their clients go.

For some people, their dream career is obvious at an early age. Others stumble into it. For Jane and Elise, there was a lot of learning that led them to where they are now: that being able to earn money meant greater independence, that environmental sustainability mattered to them both, that when you find someone you click with, you stay in touch and see where it leads.

In this episode, hosts Holli and Casey Margell talk with these two amazing women about how they got to the place where they help other women discover the world in an authentic, empowered way. Have a listen, get inspired, hear the volcano story! Then be sure to check out their website,