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A Sound Mind and Body: The Podcast

Mar 3, 2022

In this episode, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with the brilliant, Deborah and Sophie Riegel! This mother daughter duo has written not one, but TWO books together entitled, Go To Help and Overcoming Overthinking. If you have not read these books, then I highly encourage you to head over to Amazon or your nearest bookstore to check out them out! 
Additionally, Deborah is an instructor  at Wharton Business School and Columbia Business School, Harvard Business Review columnist, Keynote speaker and executive coach. Sophie is currently a junior Duke University. If you can believe it, Sophie wrote her first book in middle school entitled, Don’t Tell Me To Relax.
These highly intelligent women have a wealth of knowledge regarding mental health. Enjoy listening to what they have to say and be sure to check out their books for more great tips!