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Her Two Cents

Jun 19, 2020

Welcome to the Her Two Cents Podcast where your hosts Laura Webb and Faith Doyle come together as two female financial advisors with over 40 years of collective experience to provide a multigenerational perspective on all things money. Our goal is that through these conversations, we can normalize the way women talk about and view money. In this episode, we continue to explore the value of developing a "brain trust", or your own financial "dream team”. We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for”, but sometimes a thrifty attitude may cause us to spend a lot more in the long run. In part two of our series, we explore the advantages of employing a CPA as a member of your team. Our guest is Karen Praytor, a CPA and partner at Hunter Praytor, P.A. in Asheville, NC. Many times, paying a professional could save thousands of dollars and help you be more efficient with your money allowing you to accumulate more in your lifetime and beyond. For more information about Karen and Hunter Praytor, P.A. please visit their website at