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Her Two Cents

Jan 28, 2021

Welcome to the Her Two Cents Podcast where your hosts Laura Webb and Faith Doyle come together as two female financial advisors with over 40 years of collective experience to provide a multigenerational perspective on all things money. Our goal is that through these conversations, we can normalize the way women talk about and view money. Estate Planning not only determines how your legacy is dispersed once you have passed; but it also determines how your affairs are handled should you lack the mental competence to make appropriate decisions during your lifetime. The challenge of determining who will manage your affairs when you experience a lapse in capacity to do so for yourself is easier for married couples or parents of adult children. But what happens if it’s just you? What do single people do? Who do they name to manage their most personal affairs? This presents a challenge as these are some of the most important decisions one makes in their lifetime. We posed these questions to Kathleen Rodberg, an attorney with McGuire Wood & Bissette Law Firm in Asheville, NC. Kathleen was our guest last season where we discussed the importance of having an estate plan in episode 13: “Developing your Brain Trust Part 1, the Value of an Estate Plan”. We brought her back to discuss how a single person can plan for their estate and achieve their goals in their lifetime and beyond. Join us in this engaging conversation outlining options for those that either don’t know who to name, or feel like they don’t have anyone to name to manage their affairs when they can no longer do it themselves. For more information about Kathleen and The McGuire Wood & Bissette Law Firm please visit their website at