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Her Two Cents

Apr 1, 2021

Welcome to the Her Two Cents Podcast where your hosts Laura Webb and Faith Doyle come together as two female financial advisors with over 40 years of collective experience to provide a multigenerational perspective on all things money. Our goal is that through these conversations, we can normalize the way women talk about and view money. Savings is savings is savings, right? Well, not exactly. You can save for a rainy day fund, a down payment on a home, kids college, retirement, or even to start a business. How you save for these varies, as well as the amount you need to save especially since the amount of time may vary before you need the funds. Savings is directly tied to your goals and you need to get clear with what your goals are and the amount of money it will take to make them achievable. You must consider many things when saving, like the fact that you could be working on more than one goal at once, in fact most people are. Take a listen to this episode as Laura and Faith break down the different types savings, options for types of accounts, and finally some strategy as to how to get to saving so that you can MEET YOUR GOALS!! The content of this podcast is not intended to give tax advice and when making tax-related decisions, everyone should consult their own tax professional.