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Her Two Cents

May 13, 2021

Welcome to the Her Two Cents Podcast where your hosts Laura Webb and Faith Doyle come together as two female financial advisors with over 40 years of collective experience to provide a multigenerational perspective on all things money. Our goal is that through these conversations, we can normalize the way women talk about and view money. We are all our own people, being an individual is great and empowering, but does when you were born influence how you look at finances? Without a doubt. Yes, we have our own experiences, feelings, and ideas but the generation we grew up in informs how we look at the world. We went through events in our lives growing up that only our peers can even attempt to understand how that shaped us. These feelings and timing of events has a great impression on how we deal with major areas of our lives; including how we view money and how we manage money. Please join us for a conversation between an early Baby Boomer, a late Baby Boomer, and a cusp Gen X/Millennial (yep, that’s an interesting one, ha-ha). We are joined by Jan Holman, Director of Advisor Education at Thornburg Investment Management in this riveting and informative episode discussing how the different generations view finances. This is one you don’t want to miss. To find out more about Jan and Thornburg please visit: