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The Spiritual Life

Medium Heather Corbet & Artist Daav join together to share their Spiritual journeys. They demonstrate how Spirituality can affect all aspects of your life by telling their stories. With backgrounds in Spiritualism, Christianity, Theology, Psychology, & Art, they strive to bring a knowledgeable voice to the Spiritual path.












Jan 14, 2023

As we cultivate a connection with others, it is important to

learn how to listen, increase awareness, and address conflicts in relationships. By utilizing Brainspotting Couples's Co-regulating relational tools, we can be in the present while recognizing how the past may have affected us, which

further creates a...

Sep 13, 2022

Our Personality traits flow into our Spirituality & who we are as humans. 

The Enneagram translates into 9 different personality types: reformer, helper, individualist, motivator, enthusiast, peacemaker, investigator, & leader.

People are unique & can share characteristics of different personality traits. You may align...

Sep 13, 2022

In this episode, Heather and Daav dive into the afterlife, what happens, where do you go, and what you experience. Then what happens with reincarnation, what defines it, what do you seek, and where can you go?

Understanding the soul’s perspective on what happens, insight from spirit on their experience, and what we...

Apr 30, 2022

Medium Heather & Artist Daav have an enlightening conversation of allowing your manifestations & dreams to unfold by waiting patiently & holding the vibrations of the excitement of the end goal.

What can you do while in the “hallway” of waiting for your manifestation or dream to transpire? Allow yourself to...

Apr 15, 2022

Join us for both Christian & Spiritist perspectives of the Afterlife

Heather & Daav unpack the Afterlife journey in this episode.

Heather & Daav unpack the Afterlife journey in this episode: 

The Afterlife opens layers for the Soul & those still living

The Life Review can be 3-6 months after a Soul has passed

The Seven...