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Makers of Our Future

Sep 1, 2022

Tracy Gowler is enjoying a successful career deploying her engineering skills to solve a broad variety of challenges.  Tracy drives project management efficiency across a wide section of high-performance bicycle components manufactured by the fast-growing SRAM Corporation. Previously Tracy cut her engineering teeth at Motorola’s Mobile Products division contributing to the explosive early days of cell phones.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Tracy carved out a successful career progression as the only female in a male dominated environment at Motorola.
  • Defining and improving the impact of a team lead in managing multidisciplinary product launch teams
  • Deploying Lean process to project management using PDCA - Plan Do Check Act
  • The impact of finding Darcoid during a moment of critical need and building an impactful working relationship for future partnership
  • Happiness and good morale - critical in a high-pressure role
  • Applying engineering and project management principles in a high turnover real estate investment business.
  • Applying an engineer’s perspective to solve nutritional health problems - as a side gig
  • How Eureka moments can flourish when you’re receptive to new ideas and give yourself time to mull things over.

In this episode…

In this episode of Makers of Our Future, Bill Sharratt sits down with Tracy Gowler, Director Drive Train Team Leadership at SRAM Corporation, to talk about the challenges of launching a broad portfolio of products to meet the evolving needs of a demanding market.  Tracy discusses how developing the optimal mix of engineering principles, transparency, and manufacturing experience can drive success with program management teams spanning multiple continents.

Resources Mentioned in this episode