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Makers of Our Future

Aug 3, 2022

Graham Sills is the Vice President of Business Development in Asia Pacific at FOX Factory, a global leader in high performance suspension systems for ATVs, mountain bikes, motocross, and off-road vehicles. Prior to working with FOX, he oversaw Supplier Development for KOR Industrial Design and was an Account Manager for IC Star Industrial Co, LTD. 

In this episode…

Is it possible to create a global brand presence that outperforms the competition? What are some solutions you can execute to build an innovative brand culture? 

Graham Sills was entrusted with FOX Factory’s premiere brand as the company transitioned the manufacturing of their mountain bike suspension components from the US to Taiwan. He understood the efficacy of intentionally modifying corporate culture to align with a new host country. To accomplish this, Graham set clear expectations, established direct and open communication, and prioritized supply chain development. He encourages other professionals to analyze their designated culture for optimal success. 

In this episode of Makers of Our Future, Bill Sharratt sits down with Graham Sills, Vice President of Business Development in Asia Pacific at FOX Factory, to discuss building a high-performance bicycle brand. Graham speaks to the benefits of building a factory from the ground up, the importance of adapting to the local culture to drive the best outcomes, and how Taiwan is uniquely positioned as the manufacturing engine supporting the cutting-edge product innovation for FOX Racing Shox’s brand.