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Makers of Our Future

Jul 27, 2022

Steve Barton is the Filtration Market Director at Darcoid, where he has worked for over seventeen years. He also supports Darcoid’s sister company, CrestTec, in the role of Sales Engineer. He has thirty years of experience in the manufacturing and process engineering industry and is an expert in product development, evaluation, compliance resolution, problem-solving, and more. Prior to his time with Darcoid, Steve was the President of SB Industries, the Director of Engineering and Technical Sales for A & D Rubber, the Foam Process Engineer for Johnson Controls, and a Project Engineer for Hercules Aerospace.

In this episode…

How can an engineer understand the application of a product during a seal design project? When the questions seem to be piling up, where can designers turn for answers about the product design?

Steve Barton brings his consultative expertise to product engineering to prepare fledgling seal designers for rubber’s often surprising dynamic performance characteristics. With a wealth of experience in many aspects of seal design, Steve takes a hands-on approach with the goal that anyone — novice or expert — can release seals for production which meet the specific performance characteristics required of their project. 

In this episode of Makers of Our Future, Bill Sharratt sits down with Steve Barton, Marketing Director and CrestTec Sales Engineer at Darcoid, to discuss the expertise needed to create a successful seal component. Steve talks about the details of compression molding, working with different elements and materials, and learning from the challenges of creating superior products.