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The High Achievers Club

Aug 11, 2022

Oftentimes, we are so focused on being too busy that we forget what we are truly busy about. As high achievers, we have the tendency to get so caught up in our daily routines and responsibilities that we lose sight of our real purpose and intentions. We also sometimes overcommit and do so many things at once that it...

Jul 28, 2022

Our minds and bodies have the natural ability to respond to stresses and threats to our wellbeing. In psychology, these unconscious responses that help us protect our sense of self are called defense mechanisms

One of the defense mechanisms that gets switched on – especially if we want to make up for...

Jul 14, 2022

"And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight In a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.” 

- Anais Nin -

How would you feel if you started working in a company that accepted you with a yawn? Like when you are excited to start and to make an impact with your efforts and no one seems to really care.

Jun 30, 2022

I appreciate all that I do. I am good enough just as I am. I speak up for myself, I ask for what I want. I claim my power.

- Louise Hay -

Burnout is real and will prevail in your life if you keep tolerating it or denying to yourself that you are, in fact, burnt out. We need to rise against the unders of burnout...

Jun 16, 2022

I am deeply fulfilled by all I do.  And then I'm flipping it over for extended meaning. Each moment of the day is special to me as I follow my higher instincts and listen to myself. I am at peace with my world and affairs. 

- Louise Hay -

Are you noticing that job satisfaction is practically nonexistent? Do you often...