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The Charismatic Voice

Aug 24, 2022

Simone Simons may look like a supermodel – she has the blog, photographs and beauty partnerships to back it up – but she is much more than just the face of the Dutch metal band, Epica. Simone has a voice and a lifestyle to be reckoned with.  

Simone’s vocals are widely recognized for both their beauty and power. As the frontwoman of a symphonic metal band with death metal tendencies, Simone brings versatility in singing styles, combining both classical and contemporary technique.   

In this episode, we discuss how she got into singing in the first place, how she blended classical and contemporary techniques, and how she kept her infant son quiet while recording. I also wanted to discuss something I have recently experienced as well – how pregnancy and being a mother actually affected the voice. And so, this is also a bonding conversation between two new moms!

Epica will be touring in North and South America throughout the rest of 2022, and throughout Europe in early 2023. They also recently released their new album, Omega, available on your regular streaming services or purchase it online at

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Navigating pregnancy and motherhood 
  • Vocal rest and building endurance
  • Head-banging techniques
  • Getting the right tips and being able to apply them right away
  • Classical singing techniques: body position, breathing, & reaching high notes
  • How young is too young to sing opera?
  • How every note is essentially its own register 

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