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The Conscious Capitalists

Feb 28, 2023

Pete Stravos at KKR is leading the way in driving outstanding returns through a focus on employee ownership and building great cultures. Simple formula- challenging to implement! Drive engagement and align incentives for success--- make front line workers care about the outcome and give them life changing opportunities to build financial wealth. The opportunity is huge! Only 20% of employees are actively engaged at work, the average turnover rate in the US is 40 % per year, and the Treasury Department estimates 70% of American workers are financially illiterate. Into this world comes Stravos with a plan to address these ills and make great returns for his investors. As he says, hard core capitalist love this because of the returns- they don’t have to buy into the philosophy. But those that understand the benefits of doing business this way love it!

Peter summarizes, “We will exit 8-10 straight 3x deals, which I think in the history of private equity has never been done. I don't think any industry vertical at any firm ever will say, you know, 10, straight triples! And so I think it's going to be hard for people to say that this is hurting investors, that its’ doing anything other than driving great returns. A Podcast by Tec Sounds.


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