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The Conscious Capitalists

Oct 11, 2023

This week join the chairperson of Patagonia, Charles Conn, as we discuss the change in ownership at Patagonia- a company now responsible to the planet!  Charles says “We (Patagonia) think companies should stand for something. And we're not afraid to say that we don't think companies should be neutral creators of profit that distribute that profit to shareholders”.  Now the Board and executives at Patagonia need to ask explicitly, how is this good for the planet!  Hear Charles talk about his views on the need for long-term thinking and how we need to look at the 'full cost' of the products we consume- what is the actual footprint of our consumption? As conscious consumers, we need to focus on owning fewer things but better things- Patagonia strives to make the best raincoat- and make it to last and be reused and recycled too! A Podcast by Tec Sounds.


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