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The Conscious Capitalists

Feb 22, 2024

A good business model is the Ferrari engine—people are the fuel that makes it work!

14% CAGR for almost 25 years by caring, looking for goodness and saying thank you. 

Hear practical examples of how Barry Wehmiller does it—and at the centre of it, leaders measuring success by the lives they have touched. This approach to leadership and culture that has worked in over a 100 acquisitions- across the globe- a better way of doing business!

Join us to hear the inspiring story of Bob Chapman CEO of Barry Wehmiller- WHAT they do is provide the industrial equipment and engineering solutions that  help bring many of life’s daily necessities - toilet tissue and wet wipes, corrugated boxes, cans of soft drinks, bags of dog food, containers of yogurt, pharmaceuticals, envelopes and more - to people across the globe. 

But that’s just what they do. 

What truly defines them as a business is HOW they do it, and that’s by fostering a caring, trusting, nurturing organizational culture through which people feel safe to express their ideas and share their gifts and talents. 

Using the power of business to build a better world.


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