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Barb Knows Best

May 10, 2022

We spend so much time trying to cultivate and perfect relationships in our lives, but so often we push aside the relationship we have with ourselves. In this week’s episode, Barb and Michelle talk about how they both started to establish a strong foundation within, why that even matters, and how it impacts every other aspect of life.  Follow us @MichelleMaros and @Peaceful_Barb and share your experiences with us @BarbKnowsBestPod or at


Key Points:

  • The relationship you have yourself is the most important relationship you will have in your life. 
  • Have compassion of yourself. We haven’t been taught to listen to the heart and the body instead of only listening to the mind. 
  • Your life matters. 
  • The four questions to ask yourself:
  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I really want? 
  3. What matters most to me and what do I value? 
  4. What impact do I want to make? How do I show up in the world?

 Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

James Finley -