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Best of the Worst

Apr 27, 2023

~~This is the last episode of season 2! Thanks for listening!~~

Why not name your budding team of criminals after a fast food franchise? 

Madam McEvil was a techno monk martial artist who could move things with her mind, so she could probably name it whatever she wanted. Together with Angar the Screamer, living LSD...

Apr 25, 2023

If you take anything away from this episode, please know just how much Wonder Woman, one of DC's flagship characters, loooooooooves global warming.

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Apr 20, 2023

"Kree-Nal, Sea Circe from Space" might be somehow the most self-evident and yet most confusing name we've ever talked about on this podcast. Cat Girl is neither a cat nor a girl. They're both enemies of the Jaguar, a man with powers completely unrelated to a Jaguar who's not an actual jaguar but also sometimes is. It's...

Apr 18, 2023

With little more than several fireworks strapped to his body and a whole lot of confidence, Skyrocket - the man who uses fireworks to do supercrime - is making it work.

Check out skyrocket and that snitch, Riddler at


Apr 13, 2023

The Puzzler's greatest nemesis wasn't the superpowered pharmacist who dresses like Superman if Superman was really into wearing a ton of leather. It was the Puzzler's weak ankles.

Check out the Puzzler and the Terror Twins: