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Best of the Worst

Aug 30, 2022

What happens when you jump into the East River with radioactive isotopes? You get fish powers, of course.

No one laughs at Mr. Fish. And by "no one" we mean "everyone."

Mr. Fish first appeared in Luke Cage, Power Man #29.


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Aug 25, 2022

Tomorrow Man is proof both that we can have hope in the future (it's a utopia where people forgot how to even make weapons), but also be misanthropic because there's always one disgruntled jerk out to ruin everything.

Tomorrow Man first appeared in Journey into Mystery #86


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Aug 23, 2022

I mean, no one condones gladiator fights, but who among us would turn down a chance to watch Superman slug it out with a giant, superpowered gorilla?

King Krypton the Super Gorilla first appeared in Action Comics #238


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Aug 18, 2022

Robbing Hood is a villain who "robs from the decadent poor and gives to the righteous rich." He is, sadly, in good company.

Robbing Hood first appeared in Prize Comics #39.


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Aug 16, 2022

Tino the Terrible Teen is the richest teenage in the world, a thing that was probably more noteworthy before TikTok and influencers and stuff.

Tino the Terrible Teen first appeared in Challengers of the Unknown #57.


Also, hi! We're back! It was challenging this summer to find enough time for work, so some things had...