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Best of the Worst

Oct 28, 2022

A violent monster angry that no one will date him. Long-discredited crackpot theories. Is this the internet in 2022? Nope, it's the making of the supervillain Mole Man.

Mole Man first appeared in "The Fantastic Four" #1


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Oct 21, 2022

The Dark Archer is a great name for an objectively terrible villain. Lucky for him, everyone else was equally incompetent.

The Dark Archer first appeared in Thrilling Comics #26.


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Oct 13, 2022

We'll see how you can find inspiration to improve from the unlikeliest of places...even from a guy named The Melter. He melts stuff, if you couldn't tell from his super creative and terrifying name.

The Melter first appeared in Tales of Suspense #47 and Mr. Doll first appeared in Tales of Suspense #48.


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Oct 7, 2022

The Calculator is a guy with a giant pocket calculator on his chest. Probably the worst way to wear a pocket calculator. Also, why would anyone wear a calculator?

The Calculator first appeared in Detective Comics #463


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