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Best of the Worst

Mar 30, 2023

Jasper Rasper hates Christmas and is on a quest to destroy his hated enemy: Santa Claus. This looks like a job for Superman. Yes, really. This is Superman canon.

See CrossFit Santa:


Mar 28, 2023

Baron Blood is a villain that checks all the boxes...if your problematic and troubling list includes an out of touch rich guy who dresses up like a bat and is also a vampire Nazi.

Bleh! Check out the weirdness that is pictures of Baron Blood:

Mar 23, 2023

Like if you get taken by a giant eagle to his mountain home you become a superhero, if you have a single diseased hand you do some supercrime. Both of those things happen in this episode.

Sources! Pictures! Writing! Check it out:


Mar 21, 2023

What happens when a regular tiger shark's brain is hit with way too much radiation: we get a look at our future as bald, super-powered speedo-ed humanoids.

Check out the show post (with pictures!)


Mar 16, 2023

Why locking your kid in a lead capsule the moment they're born is a bad idea. Even if they are just a misshapen lump of radioactive materials.

Want to read this? See some pictures?