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Backcountry Rookies

Aug 3, 2022

“Backcountry Food Series” - Alpen Fuel - Shaun Durkee

Today I am talking with Shaun Durkee about breakfast food.  Shaun and his wife creating Alpen Fuel to provide high quality breakfast options to those who are out chasing animals, hiking trails, fishing the high mountain lakes or whatever it is that you do in the mountains.  Alpen Fuel is a great food option for the outdoors.  Check them out and enjoy the show! 

The Backcountry Food Series is intended to introduce listeners to some newer options for backcountry meals. The people and companies I selected to be a part of the series were chosen because of their dedication to quality, consistency, and fresh ingredients in their meals. They are all fantastic and delicious options for you to enjoy on the mountain or sitting at base camp.

Find Alpen Fuel Here

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