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CPRG 88.1 FM. Purgatory's Community Radio Station. Home of the local news program the Purgatory Report with host Jean Hogenbeck.

New episodes air the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. 

(This is a work of fiction, inspired by the television series Wynonna Earp)


Welcome to Purgatory! This tiny hamlet nestled in the plains of Alberta, Canada has certainly seen its fair share of unfortunate events and bizarre occurances. Who keeps the citizenry informed of the local mishegoss? The faithful reporters of The Purgatory Report on the local community radio station: CPRG 88.1 FM.

Join anchor Jean Hogenbeck as she (wo)mans the news desk and delivers all the latest information to listening Purgatorians. Along with field reporters Elmo Dinwiddie and Toni Sewell, the team has their hands full staying on top of all the latest action in the world of Purgatory business, crime, current and occasionally supernatural events.

Tune in to new episodes the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.



Jen Tidwell as:

Jordan Hughes as:

Dresa Nikeyse as:

Mandy Rose Nichols as:

Byrd as:



Jen Tidwell (creator/showrunner/voice actor) - As well as being a professional voice actor, Jen is the producer and lead host of the Earp Fiction Addiction. They created 'The Purgatory Report' as an homage to their late-father's radio serial 'The Fingerbucket Report' which ran on public radio in the 1980's.


Jordan Hughes (writer/voice actor) - As an accomplished fanfiction author and experienced TTRPG game master, Jordan has an extensive background in world-building and character development. They have attended multiple writing seminars and retreats and can typically be found working on one of many independent writing projects at any given time. After doing performance work as both a mascot and a drag king, they are excited to dip their toe into the voice acting world for the first time!


Sydney Messick (writer) - Sydney is a popular author of Wynonna Earp fanfiction.


Byrd (writer/voice actor) - Byrd is a genderfluid queer from North Carolina with a passion for world-building and an obsession with Wynonna Earp that, frankly, worries his family at times. In addition to collaborating on fun fan projects, Byrd also streams video games on Twitch and occasionally wanders into the realm of fanfiction when the mood strikes. He likes long walks in the woods, debating the minutia of his favorite media, and pretending to be a competent adult.