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From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman

Dec 1, 2022

YOU, dear listener, are fabulous. But here's the thing: at least part of the time, you don't see it. In this episode, we explore how to accept acknowledgment, and why it matters. Hint: it has to do with being willing to accept your own impact and brilliance...and encouraging other women to do the same.

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Nov 2, 2022

"What do you want?"

This is the most fundamental question I pose to my clients. And many of them have no idea where to start in answering. In today's episode, we examine this and some of the other most common obstacles that are standing between you, and having what you want.

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Sep 26, 2022

You know how you have to charge your cell phone to power up your battery? You too need recharging to stay in your power. In today's episode, I share ten ways to get back into your power, no matter what shenanigans are happening around you. Listen in and let me know your favorites!

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Sep 12, 2022

Today I’m here to share with you one of the most valuable tools in my toolbelt for connecting you with your confidence and power: personal responsibility. In other words, owning your own sh*t, without shame or blame. Listen in to learn why this one practice can immediately improve your confidence and power. I'll share...

Aug 15, 2022

In today's episode, we're exploring one of my favorite topics: boundaries. We cover what boundaries are and what they're not, how to set healthy boundaries, and what to do when other people are oblivious to them.

You'll walk away from this conversation with full approval to create boundaries that nourish your well-being...