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From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman

Sep 5, 2023

This episode is the one you've been waiting for!  Sex and Intimacy Expert Brooke Szitas is back to get down and dirty with us about all things sex. Why? Because you deserve to get your needs met everywhere in life… including in the bedroom. 


Here's a sneak peek about what you'll hear in today's episode:


  • What makes for “good” sex? (hint: it has nothing to do with your performance)


  • The good girl scripts that have no place in the Grown Ass Woman’s sex life


  • Why good communication = good sex


  • Why you may be leaving 50% of orgasms on the table 


  • Why some women fake orgasms… and one really compelling reason NOT to.


  • How to make time for sex... even when you're stressed and overworked.


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