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From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman

Apr 11, 2022

This episode is a doozy, ya'll. I tell all about the moment I got the impression that I was "too much," and the resulting strategies I took on to avoid the shame. We explore provocative questions, including:

What did you learn about yourself is too much? What parts of yourself did you learn to minimize, quiet, or hide? What strategies did you, or do you, utilize to downplay those aspects of yourself? 

In what ways are you muting yourself for the comfort of others? And by doing so, what are you sacrificing? Your creativity, your expressiveness, your desires, your gifts and talents, your boldness, your potential impact?

What would the most fully expressed version of you look like, sound like, be like? What would she be creating or experiencing in the world? What’s the impact she could make?

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