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Mar 2, 2023

In this episode, Estelle Erasmus speaks with News Anchor, Jen Maxfield.

Jen Maxfield is an Emmy-award-winning reporter and anchor for NBC New York in 2013. Prior to joining the station, she worked for Eyewitness news as a reporter and substitute anchor for 10 years. She started her broadcasting career in 2000 in upstate New York and moved to the city in 2002. She has reported live from 1000s of news events over her 22-year career and estimates that she has interviewed more than 10,000 people. 

In addition to being a journalist, she is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, teaching courses in broadcast journalism including Video 1 and On-Air skills. Maxfield’s first book, More After the Break: A Reporter Returns to Ten Unforgettable News Stories, the book was published in July 2022 and was an instant Amazon bestseller. She loves coming back to her alma mater to educate a new generation of journalists. 


In this episode:

  • Writing a book that elicits strong emotions and navigating those feelings. 

  • The value of community.

  • Jen’s tips for ‘writing for the ear’ aka television, radio, and video.

  • Interviewing techniques for broadcast journalism.

  • Advice on facing rejection and not allowing the word “no” to get in your way. 


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