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Jul 27, 2023

In this episode:

  • Allison’s personal story and her inspiration for her book [2:35]

  • How Allison took her real life struggles and wrote about it unapologetically [4:06]

  • Allison’s advice for writing about a protagonist, antagonist and hero [12:17]

  • Advice on writing about someone to protect their privacy [18:30

  • Allison’s writing tips [23:18]

  • How and where to submit your book for writing awards [26:05]

Allison Hong Merrill is a loveaholic, a Taiwanese immigrant, and the author of Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops, A Memoir. Her work appears in the New York Times. She is an editor at Dialogue Journal and a keynote speaker, instructor, and panelist at various writer’s conferences nationwide and in Asia. She also appears on TV, radio, and podcasts; in magazines, newspapers, and journals. She’s available for interviews, teaching, and speaking engagements nationwide. 


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