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Freelance Writing Direct: Conversations with authors, journalists, novelists, memoirists, niche writers, agents, publishers, writing teachers, assigning editors and media experts.

Sep 23, 2022

Welcome to the Freelance Writing Direct podcast. 

Join Estelle Erasmus and Sherry Paprocki every week as they share short, sound bite filled podcasts, covering everything that the creative writer, freelance writer, and author needs to know to move forward in their creativity and career. 

Estelle and Sherry will share how the sauce is made, with tips and tricks to give you a leg up in the marketplace. The podcast will also feature interviews with authors and writers who are generous with their own advice. The pair will also share advice from their combined 45+ years of experience in publishing as editors, writers, authors, and speakers. 

Throughout the episodes, Estelle and Sherry will evolve with the audience, as they listen to their guests, share pitches and essays, and offer writing and career prompts. 

It’s time to build your craft with Freelance Writing Direct. 

Estelle and Sherry can’t wait to read what you will be writing.

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