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Soaring Child: Thriving with ADHD

Our mission is to give hope and answers to parents of children with ADHD who are looking for alternative (natural) and effective means of helping them learn to thrive at home, at school, and in life.

We feature interviews with experts, medical professionals, and parents just like you, who are learning how to reduce ADHD symptoms using food and other natural strategies.

Because children with ADHD deserve to soar, just like every other child.

Dec 22, 2022

On this week’s edition of Soaring Child, host Dana Kay reflects on 2022 and the most common question asked – Where do I start in trying to naturally reduce ADHD symptoms in my child?

She says:

My son, Oliver, is a living example of treating ADHD without medication. He was four when diagnosed with ADHD and ended up on multiple prescriptions. Through a long process of trial and error, I did my own research. That started me on a journey as a board-certified holistic health and nutrition practitioner with multiple certifications in this area. I’m a best-selling author and leading advocate for natural ADHD symptom reduction.

My son is now a teenager and thriving and has been off meds for years. I want you to know this is possible for you too. Medication is NOT the only way.

Earlier this year, I heard from a family who was finally able to enroll their daughter in dance class, something they had wanted to do for years but couldn’t because she was unable to manage her emotions. Now, they have reduced inflammation in her body so that she can manage her emotions and have fun doing things she has always wanted to do. Another mom said her son has friends at school for the first time. When families learn how to reduce inflammation in the body, they start to see major improvements in their child’s symptoms. You can do it too.

This year, we’ve talked about amazing topics like essential oils, healthy communication, acupuncture, parenting tips, ADHD superpowers, managing amino acids, picky eating, eczema, chiropractic care, and so much more. We’ll be back on January 5, 2023 with another amazing line-up of speakers and topics.

In the meantime, check out the following resources:

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Key Takeaways:

[1:34] The story of Dana’s son, Oliver

[3:38] How it’s possible to reduced ADHD symptoms using natural strategies

[5:07] Success stories of clients

[8:20] Some of the guests and topics covered this year


Memorable Quotes:

“When families learn how to reduce inflammation in the body, they start to see major improvements in their child's symptoms.”

“I thought with that prescription medication, this was going to be the pill that would fix my family, but I was very, very wrong.”

“Having meltdowns or tantrums multiple times a day or once a day or every day, that's not normal. That's a sign that something else is going on in the body, and it has to get checked out.”

“If you've been told that medication is the only way, if you are going on a vicious cycle of trial and error adjusting the dose and adding new medication, there is another way.”


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