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Soaring Child: Thriving with ADHD

Our mission is to give hope and answers to parents of children with ADHD who are looking for alternative (natural) and effective means of helping them learn to thrive at home, at school, and in life.

We feature interviews with experts, medical professionals, and parents just like you, who are learning how to reduce ADHD symptoms using food and other natural strategies.

Because children with ADHD deserve to soar, just like every other child.

Dec 1, 2022

On this week’s edition of Soaring Child, we’re joined by Elaine Taylor-Klaus, who’s an author, parent educator, and certified coach, as well as the CEO of She co-created the Sanity School Behavior Therapy Training Program to support parents of ADHD kids.

A lot of kids with ADHD have poor executive functioning skills, which help us organize, think, plan, and prioritize. It’s basically how our mind works to get everything done. Executive functioning includes memory issues, emotional management, hyperactivity, sequencing, action, and engagement. These all interact with one another, so the challenge isn’t in just one area. With ADHD, executive functioning can be impacted significantly, with kids not knowing how to complete tasks even if their mental abilities are quite high.

Parents of children with ADHD need to be trained to understand how to create an environment that’s supportive for their kids who have difficulty with executive functioning. The parents’ behavior is a critical factor in helping kids change. So is nutrition and mindset. Shifting our perspective allows for behaviors to change, which in turn changes the outcome.

Make sure you’ve pinpointed the right problem by breaking it down and looking at what’s really happening. Take it in small parts to solve the bigger behavioral issues. As a parent, you can do it. You just can’t do it all at once.

You should also enroll your child collaboratively in the process of understanding how you can solve this problem together. This gives them a sense of ownership.

Our kids need positive parenting in the context of understanding executive function and setting appropriate expectations. To feel seen, respected, and regarded in the relationship is the core of all of it.


Key Takeaways:

[3:13] Why Elaine started Impact Parents

[5:11] Why parents have to be trained first for their kids with ADHD

[6:46] The role of nutrition in treating ADHD

[8:22] Why mindset matters

[13:21] Definition of executive functioning

[15:06] The different areas that are impacted in executive functioning

[17:46] The Coach Approach to Parenting

[24:13] Working toward long-term goals

[36:23] Parenting teens with ADHD


How To Connect With Elaine:


Memorable Quotes:

“A lot of the behavior management comes from really connecting to our kids in a relationship and building trust so that we can guide them to make healthier, better choices for themselves.”

“Our job as parents is to understand what's going on with our kids well enough to accept it without judgment and blame or shame.”

“Understanding the extent to which they're struggling with executive function is really important in helping them learn to navigate it.”

“If you're problem-solving on homework and you're trying to make sure they get it turned in and the real problem is getting started, then you're not tackling the right problem.”

“We have to let go of that fierce attachment to the outcome in the short term and really invest in our relationship with them in the long term and in their relationship with themself.”



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