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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Jun 22, 2022

**This episode was recorded in the green room of the Oriental Theatre before a show with Cody Qualls and the Brand New Ancients.**

Justin is forced to join the Petty Nicks Experience when the previous guitarist ghosts the band with a show four days out. Cody talks about his new song "Dishes in the Morning." Justin and Cody talk about the dynamic of writing songs about your partner. Justin gets advice from a record label to stay 27 years old until you die. Adrienne's dad takes her boogie boarding out past the breakers in San Diego. Cody narrowly escapes an expensive and potentially fatal situation in Hawaii. Adrienne gets so high she falls out of her chair.  Adrienne passes out in the hallway of a movie theatre. Justin burns his hand. Justin and Cody invent "Ambulance Uber."

Cody Qualls: