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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Sep 14, 2022

Bassist Nate Marsh (Morning Bear, JoFoKe) finishes his thesis about the influence of jazz on R&B bass stylings from 1960-1980. A million dollar wedding, but the marriage lasts less than six months. Why Justin doesn't do (many) wedding gigs any more. Nate plays a wedding at the top of Aspen mountain, accessible only by gondola; a gig with Morning Bear, with mostly subs (including Megan Burtt on vocals); and does NOT play a particular wedding, which he posts on the "Gigs from Hell" Facebook group. Justin and Adrienne enjoy an unrehearsed Woodstock-themed gig with Jenny Shawhan and a fundraiser sponsored by Keen Mortgage, along with tribute band Journey to the Heart. Justin prepares for a gig in reverse order. Justin and Adrienne admire Cody's commitment to performing. 

Note: The excellent bassist whose name we couldn't think of, is Jeff Fournier.