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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Oct 25, 2022

Adrienne buys a bag of clothes for $12 at Global Thrift in Arvada, which she says justifies her purchase of $125 boots. J&A see Ryan and Carla in Just a Girl (No Doubt tribute band) at the Oriental Theatre. Metal band Of Ashes produces viral metal cooking videos. Adrienne lands a position in a band as keyboard player, even though she's not really a keyboard player. Adrienne is amazed to watch an artist's voice go from ragged to wonderful over the course of a half hour at a concert. A drummer asks the audience for help with the drum solo. Comic Maria Bamford puts Justin and Adrienne under a spell, and gives Justin a new overall goal in music. Justin experiments while recording at Global Soundstudio. Why Justin always tries to record bass last, after vocals. Bijoux Barbosa forgets recording Jacob Larson's album. 

This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio, and by Home Decorators Collection Luxury Plank Vinyl that looks like wood.