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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Apr 5, 2022

Adrienne and Justin compare their methods for learning 35 songs for one gig (the other 15 are for a different gig). Justin talks about why he can't use charts for some songs. Adrienne hates on the phrase "all-girl band." Adrienne plays her first gig with Pamela Machala's all-woman band, with opener Shanna in a Dress from Nashville. Adrienne makes fun of how Justin sings. Adrienne uses a glass of water for a sound effect in her latest song production. Justin talks about how his band No Address would get lyrics from gibberish. Justin talks about how he manages 60+ vocal tracks in a current project with Cody Qualls, Hazel Miller, and Josh Blackburn.  Justin decides maybe his normal method of beating his singers up during recording sessions (with many, many, many takes) isn't the way to go.