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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Nov 30, 2022

Adrienne turns the bedroom into a steamy jungle. Justin explains Marzen beer. Justin and Adrienne vacation at Hot Sulphur Springs, population 700ish. Justin makes a major change in his work life, and stops threatening to quit music to work in a grocery store. Adrienne and Justin's cover band gets stranded at a Black Hawk casino during a blizzard. Adrienne sleeps with the bass player and his wife. Urban Dance Theory plays on a tiny circular stage accessed only by rolling, steep, rickety stairs. An imaginary unicorn horn on Adrienne's head helps her sing in a new style.

This episode is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio, Embassy London shoes, Prost beer, and Dean Public House in the tiny town of Hot Sulphur Springs.

Also, if you need a bass player in Las Vegas, call Jared Schlager.