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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Feb 1, 2023

Adrienne and Justin have a marathon weekend of music. They visit an installation at the Denver Art Museum by artist, friend, and musician Melissa Ivy, who happens to be the original momma of a regular podcast guest... we’ll give you three guesses. Performance High’s Youth and Acoustic Showcase at Goosetown Tavern gets a musical makeover with an influx of instruments. Adrienne battles layers of empathetic nerves – and her own – to play bass solo at the showcase. Justin can't predict the audience reaction at the latest Petty Nicks Experience show. Why end-of-song stage light blackouts aren't always the best idea. Why it's easier to perform in front of a huge crowd of strangers than an intimate room of friends and family.

This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and the Grateful Gnome across the street from The Oriental Theater.