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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Apr 19, 2023

Justin and Adrienne once again admire Eric Golden, one of the hardest working local musicians they know. Performance High returns to the Hard Rock Cafe for a showcase, for the first time since the Before Times. The Pop Choir starts with a bang, and will have a northern chapter for the second round. Inspired by the book The Art of Gathering, Adrienne tries something new as the showcase emcee. One of the young performers breaks everyone's hearts with an unforgettable performance for a family member who passed away the night before the showcase. Justin forgets to play his typical "Edge of 17" easter egg after making a big deal about it before the show. Adrienne is demanding while on stage. Adrienne and Justin finally figure out their preferred co-writing process after a decade of trying every possible method. Song arrangements are like sculptures: the shape is already there, you just have to find it.

This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and by New Image Brewing, the makers of Moped tangerine wheat beer.