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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Jul 12, 2023

Justin and Adrienne aren't sure what to talk about, so they talk about negronis and Mission Beach, California. Didn't we all decide about Kanye? Adrienne wondered why anyone would want a guitar in a song. Depeche Mode invents their sound out of convenience. Adrienne is feeling anti-pretty. No Address, Justin's old band, has plans. Why No Address wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered an entire full-length album in just 19 days. Justin is going to start doing live free weekly Artist Development sessions. The real reason Adrienne is singing backup vocals at the next showcase. Justin beats fear of flying with Run the Jewels and wonders, where's the angry music?

This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and the concept of negronis.


Alden Groves:

Run the Jewels 2: