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Mama's Money Map Podcast

Feb 16, 2024

Sean Mullaney is an advice-only financial planner and the President of Mullaney Financial & Tax, Inc. Sean writes the Plutus Award winning blog on tax and financial independence. He also has a personal finance YouTube channel and published Solo 401(k): The Solopreneur's Retirement Account, a book about his favorite retirement account, in 2022. 

The discussion is intended to be for general educational purposes and is not tax, legal, or investment advice for any individual. Jenni and Mama's Money Map do not endorse Sean MullaneyMullaney Financial & Tax, Inc. and their services. 

Show Notes


IRS info on IRA limits and deductions:

SEP IRA versus Solo 401(k):
My view on 529s:


Get Sean's book Solo 401(k): The Solopreneur's Retirement Account


Sean's Resources:

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2023 Retirement Account Chart

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