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Shelfdust Presents: The War Effort

Apr 4, 2022

Our special guests Jay Edidin and Paul O'Brien return for episode #5, ready to talk about the fifth issue of Marvel's Secret Wars! And they're just in time, too, because Galactus is about to destroy everything! They talk to cosmic host Al Kennedy about Xavier's bedside manner, Molecule Man's glow-up, and reveal what Jim Shooter's idea of a psychedelic mind-expanding experience looks like.


The War Effort is produced by the immensely talented Dave Bulmer, who you can follow on Twitter here. Our logo comes from the tremendously gifted mind of James Wendelborn, who is on Twitter here. Thank you to them both for their incredible work - give them a follow!


Al Kennedy is the host of podcasts House to Astonish and Desert Island Discworld, in which he sits down with special guests to talk about their work, their career, and the Terry Pratchett novel they would take with them if they were cast away to a desert island. He’s also been a featured writer for Shelfdust, and you can find his byline here! For more from Al, you can follow him on Twitter here and follow Desert Island Discworld on Twitter here.

Jay Edidin is co-host of the mega comics podcast Jay and Miles X-Plain The X-Men, which, if you ask me? About time somebody did that. A writer, editor, and hero of the people, you can find more from Jay here, or follow him on Twitter here!

Paul O'Brien is the other co-host of House to Astonish, alongside Al. Paul writes regularly on the House to Astonish website, where amongst other prolific things he's been covering every single Wolverine comic to ever exist, if such a task is possible. You can find Paul on Twitter here!