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All About Agatha (Christie)

Jun 30, 2023

My former co-host Catherine Brobeck loved this short story, and this episode about this short story. And so do I! It's also one of the short stories under discussion at this year's upcoming International Agatha Christie Festival in September, during which my co-panelists and I will crown Agatha Christie's Greatest...

Jun 17, 2023

I loved everything about this nerdiest of episodes... other than the fact that Catherine Brobeck wasn't here to delight in this exercise alongside me. I know she would have dug it. I hope you do, too.

Click here for the YouTube link to the recently uploaded (and free!) video of They Came to Baghdad, a 1950s television...

Jun 2, 2023

You might want to pour yourself some egg nog and download one of those roaring digital fireplaces for today's offering, which is a rare Christmas-themed, and overtly religious, Christie short story. Many thanks to Sarah Hinlicky Wilson for co-hosting this episode with me.

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