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All About Agatha (Christie)

Feb 3, 2024

Perhaps it was inevitable that an episode about the longest-running play in history would be the longest episode ever produced on this podcast.... And yet there's nary a spoiler in it; so tuck in, safe in the knowledge that the secret of The Mousetrap remains safely locked in my heart.

Nibble nibble. Squeak squeak.

Special thanks to my guests Phil O'Neill and Scott Ratner, and to Nick Cardillo and Christopher Diehl for their invaluable contributions.

Click here to access the BBC Documentary The Mousetrap and Me, which I reference in the show.

You can find Phil O'Neill's wonderful book, Poems from the Unconscious, here, and Scott Ratner's extremely funny original play, Kill a Better Mousetrap, here.

You can find my Crimereads article on why Agatha Christie has endured uniquely among mystery writers here.

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