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From Broken To Brave Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

A natural reaction to loss is grief. When a loved one passes away, there is no right or wrong way to handle it. Grieving is a difficult process- and it's different for everyone. Not only must one learn to deal with loss, but also with change, and that takes time.


After losing her child in 2016, Christina set out on a quest to accomplish more than simply endure grief. In this episode, she also shares her experience about the loss of her daughter and how she copes by changing her mindset in finding gratitude after loss.


Key Points;

  • Christina Stiverson' quick bio.
  • Addie/Adelaide Marie's Story (Christina's Daughter)
  • Learning about Addie's case (Hepatoblastoma)
  • Hardest realization on Cristina's journey after losing a child.
  • Investing in research. 
  • Timeline of grief.
  • Desperate to find answers to my grief
  • Things that help Cristina get through it.
  • "People hold on to pain until they find something they value more"
  • "I can't Imagine anything worse than losing a child"
  • Empowered by grief
  • "The highest tribute to the dead is not Grief but Gratitude."
  • Some of Cristina's ways to reconnect to Addie's memory and find ways to reframe.
  • Help other mothers that are stuck on their grief.
  • Helping other people to heal.
  • How listening to other people helps you.
  • Christina's advice for somebody who is struggling with their grief.
  • What Christina would tell to her younger version of herself.
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