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For Clients Only

Apr 26, 2022

Humans love to tell stories about heroes. 

We like the story even better when we can see ourselves as the hero!

If we're telling a hero story about our business and our role in the business, how does that serve us? How does it hold us back?

Apr 19, 2022

Sometimes my head gets into a bad neighborhood and normal things start to trigger me into all kinds of crazy thinking. 

This week I tell you about one of those times, and walk through what I did about it. 

Apr 12, 2022

You have come to the realization that one of your team members doesn't know what he's doing!

Alarmed, you try to decide what to do next. 

In this episode, we help you to walk through your next steps. 

Apr 5, 2022

When I started my business folks told me to "fake it 'till I make it." But that felt inauthentic and dishonest. 

More recently I've applied the idea of "faking it until we're making it" in a way that makes me MORE authentic.