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For Clients Only

Nov 28, 2023

I'm no Nostradamus, but I've made some assumptions for my own planning for 2024 and I'm sharing those here. 

Nov 21, 2023

What would happen if everyone on your team was a solid leader? What problems would go away? What opportunities would be available?

Nov 7, 2023

This week I'm adding onto my definition of leadership from the last episode by talking about one aspect of Jim Collin's concept of "Level 5 Leaders."

Oct 31, 2023

Today I'm articulating my model of what leadership is, and where it fails.

Oct 18, 2023

I've been trying to be more aware of how I'm thinking about a problem to see if I can't find the best tool for the job at hand. 

Today I talk about some experiments I've tried and thoughts about how you can improve your thinking.