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This is On Story from Austin Film Festival. I’m your host Barbara Morgan.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing a new series titled AFF AT HOME. Austin Film Festival’s mission has always been to further the art and craft of storytelling. When we started the script competitions and festival in 1994, it was with the intention of creating a community for writers to engage with one another and to create a network that connects craft to career.

Times of uncertainty and conflict often bring out the best stories. We truly believe that now is the time for storytellers to work through everything that is happening. If you are looking for a little inspiration or motivation to get back to your script – We are here to help.  Our Festival has over 26 years of archived panels that we will be curating and releasing every Wednesday to help you work through challenges you might be facing in your work.

To Kick-Off our new series we’re bringing you audio from Austin Film Festival’s 2019 Opening Remarks. Screenwriter Ed Solomon joined our staff to kick off the Conference and discuss sparking your story by examining the writers mindset and freeing yourself from misconceptions and obstacles that can prevent you from future opportunities.

Looking for more resources? Check out for more audio, streaming suggestions, writing prompts, and more. See you next week.

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