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This week on On Story, a conversation with the creative team behind Lawmen: Bass Reeves, a show based on the incredible real life of Bass Reeves, a man who was born into slavery and later became a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He was the first black man west of the Mississippi River to hold that title, and according to creator and showrunner of the series Chad Feehan, he was “arguably the greatest lawman in the history of this country.”

Taylor Sheridan is responsible for making it all happen, and this limited series is the latest installment in his television universe.

Creator Chad Feehan has written on shows known for their gritty realism, like Southland and Ray Donovan. A meeting with David Oyelowo made him obsessed with Bass Reeves. Enough to create this series. Oyelowo plays the title role. He had been trying to get a show made about Reeves for years.

Christina Voros is very familiar with the Taylor Sheridan universe. She directed and co-executive produced for megahits Yellowstone and 1883. She is the executive producer of the Bass Reeves series, and she directed the pilot beautifully.

Damian Marcano, director on the intense, fast-paced Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty and the neo-noir television series, American Gigolo, directed several episodes of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Barbara Morgan talked with Chad, Christina, and Damian about how they took on the material and some of the challenges that come from making historical fiction.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Clips Courtesy of Paramount Plus.

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