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Hello podcast listeners, I’m Barbara Morgan and you’re listening to Austin Film Festival’s On Story. This week on On Story we’re taking a trip out west with Babaloo Mandel and Lowel Ganz, the screenwriting duo behind the classic American Western comedy, CITY SLICKERS. Lowell Ganz and Marc “Babaloo” Mandel are long-time screenwriting partners that began their careers writing for comedic television in the 1970s. The two New Yorkers met in a Hollywood comedy club where Mandel worked as a joke writer. Having both served on the writing staff for the sitcom THE ODD COUPLE they discovered that they had a lot in common, including their off-beat sense of humor and a love of Billy Wilder. Their creative partnership began with collaborations on Laverne and Shirley and the duo made their feature screenplay debut with the black comedy NIGHT SHIFT. They would go on to write hits such as PARENTHOOD, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, and the subject of today’s episode, CITY SLICKERS. I spoke with the pair at a year-round event presented by the Austin Film Festival. 


Clips of City Slickers courtesy of Castle Rock Entertainment

Clips of Night Shift courtesy of The Ladd Company

Clips of Parenthood courtesy of Universal City Studios, Inc., and Imagine Films Entertainment, Inc.

Clips of League of their Own courtesy of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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