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This week on On Story we’re joined by Lipscomb University filmmakers Melissa Forte & Sumner McMurtry talking about their journey from a chance encounter at Austin Film Festival to collaborating on a short film born out of a Ghost Story writing competition. Later, we’ll sit down with Bogle Family Vinyards VP of Consumer Relations, Jody Bogle, and get her insight on producing a film rich in family history and spooky occurrences. 

Melissa Forte is a filmmaker and current chair of Lipscomb University’s Department of Cinematic Arts. After six years of industry work with the Walt Disney World company, Forte spent eight years at Tenessee State University (TSU), earning tenure and building a strong program. After that time, she made the move to Lipscomb University when she was invited to chair the Department of Cinematic Arts. The skills she gained through her years of production work gave her the ability to easily transition into leading academic teams including faculty and staff. Forte is an advocate for instilling the idea that we are part of a larger society and should work to use our gifts and talents to give voice to the underestimated and often overlooked members of our communities.


Sumner McMurtry is an award-winning filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. His short thriller, NOT CLICKBAIT, took home the grand prize in Lipscomb University's Five Minute Film Festival and was later screened at the Nashville Film Festival, the oldest running film festival of the south. His latest short film, THEY'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, premiered at the Austin Film Festival in 2022. Sumner has had a passion for storytelling for as long as he can remember. He spends a great deal of his time creating an array of projects for clients across the Middle Tennessee area.


I recently spoke with Melissa & Sumner about their experience creating the short film Phantom which premiered at the Austin Film Festival and working with the Bogle Family as producers. They've Been Waiting For You is the story of the resident spirit which inhabits the cellars of the Bogle Family Vineyards and the rich family history that accompanies the legend. 


Next, we’re talking to Jody Bogle, who served as producer on the film THEY’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU produced in collaboration with the Libscomb University Department of Cinematic Arts.


Jody Bogle is the Vice President of Consumer Relations, at Bogle Family Vineyards. In her role, she oversees hospitality at the family’s Home Ranch tasting room, direct-to-consumer sales, and internal and external communications and leads the winery’s international sales efforts in 40 countries around the globe. After a chance encounter with members of Libscomb University, Bogle set her sights on producing a short film in celebration of Phantom Wine from her family’s vineyards.

I recently spoke with Jody about her experience producing the short film with the Libscomb University crew.

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