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Joining the Dots

Oct 10, 2022

To mark World Mental Health Day Sarah Day leads in a hard-hitting conversation with Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum member, David Lee as well as Joshua Beynon. Delving into their experiences of seeking support and offering their opinion on whether mental health services are where they need to be today.


Sarah Day, Chief Executive of Practice Solutions



David Lee and Joshua Beynon


David Lee-

I have been a service user across South Wales since my early teens, and sadly, not all of my experiences have been positive. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition in October 2021 after 36 years of knowing something wasn’t quite right. My aim is to utilise my unique perspective on the world, my extensive expertise within my lived experience and my passion for neurodevelopment to influence positive change for services and attitudes across the country.


Joshua Beynon-

Elected as the youngest County Councillor in Wales in 2017, I have been involved in communities, policy and local government services for 5 years leading on a service review in waste and leading the councils journey towards being a Net Zero carbon local authority by 2030. As part of my passion for public service, I have put my energy into community work and capacity building and I am the secretary of the award winning charity, the VC Gallery, helping to establish a support network and system for veterans. This is alongside leading a successful inclusion project of £100,000 to improve a park in Pembrokeshire from project inception to delivery. How policy and strategy relates to service users is vital to community success and wellbeing.